Owning your own aircraft for business or personal use provides luxury, convenience, and a productive way to travel. But private plane ownership can be a time consuming proposition.

With 38 years of aircraft management expertise, Jackson Jet Center can handle the operational and regulatory burdens of owning and operating your aircraft.

We offer customized aircraft management agreements tailored to your unique needs, negotiated discounts on fuel purchases and insurance premiums, regular maintenance and safety checks, FAA and compliance

checks, and charter program administration to turn your private plane into a profit center.

Need help with planning your flights? Our Charter Coordinators will assist you with the details including airport selection, on-board catering, ground transportation, and more.

Experience the convenience of private plane ownership, with none of the stress. Jackson Jet Center offers the best plane management in Boise! For more information, contact us today!


Depend on Jackson Jet Center to handle all day-to-day tasks involved in flight operations while knowing your airplane is in the best hands possible. You can sit back and relax while Jackson Jet Center's airplane management team handles the full spectrum of aircraft ownership. Our airplane management team lets you enjoy your aircraft without worrying about the little things that keep others awake at night!

Save Money

Airplane management programs should always strive to save money in operational areas.

Jackson Jet Center clients can expect significant savings on many operational expenses. Fuel, FBO service fees, flight crew travel, airplane insurance and aircraft maintenance are just some of the areas our customers experience discounts.

Average savings:

Save Approximately 25% on Fuel
Enjoy a 35% Savings on Crew Training
Pay 10-20% Less Than Retail on Maintenance

Consistent Oversight and Compliance

Airplane ownership comes with many responsibilities. Regulatory requirements can overwhelm the most seasoned aircraft owners. It's critical to keep on top of these important requirements.

Jackson Jet Center takes care of all your behind-the-scenes travel requirements, both international and domestic, ensuring you have a worry-free experience!


Where you go and when you go there is your business. Jackson Jet Center works hard to maintain our customers' privacy from booking your flight up until you reach your destination and at every point in between.

Jackson Jet Center blocks all tail numbers from the ASDI, or Aircraft Situation Display to Industry, data feeds, keeping your flight details out of the public eye

Routine Flight Operations

Jackson Jet Center manages all aspects of your flight operations, ensuring your flights are as efficient as possible. We make sure our aircrew members are fully trained and current on all FAA requirements, handle most any catering needs you desire, and handle any unforeseen maintenance just to name a few.

Finding the Right Flight Crew

Finding the right talent is critical to any business. It's even more important when you're in the aviation business. Jackson Jet Center works hard to keep the best pilots on our team. We are very selective in our hiring process and only select highly experienced pilots.

Our in-house human resources team makes certain all our flight crews' issues are handled in a timely, professional manner. From payroll to health benefits, we take care of it all!

Customer Service & Financial Transparency

Jackson Jet Center keeps your account activity up to date and easy to understand. Our airplane management team works with you, or your team, to take out the guess work involved in managing your aircraft. We'll provide custom monthly reports that are easy to understand. If there's ever a time that you don't understand something on an invoice or report, please let us know immediately.

Top Notch Aircraft Maintenance

Safety is our top priority at Jackson Jet Center. Keeping your airplane running safely will never take a back seat to anything!

Jackson Jet Center hires only the best aircraft mechanics and technicians and adheres to all maintenance requirements to ensure your airplane remains air worthy. Our team stays current on all required training and certifications.

Experienced Aircraft Maintenance

Our experienced airplane maintenance team will provide you with the finest and most professional FAA maintenance and maintenance oversight in the Boise area. You can depend on our FAA records-keeping that exceeds all FAA compliance practices.

Whether you have a Cessna, Beechcraft, Cirrus or other type of aircraft, our team of experienced technicians will take great care of your airplane.

Administrative Services

  • Complete travel logistics
  • Flight scheduling from start to finish
  • Major cost savings on fuel purchases both local and nationally
  • Significant cost savings on your aircraft insurance premiums
  • Complete FAA compliance, and oversight
  • A secure hangar and/or hangar management

Pilot Qualifications & Training

Our pilots are trained to the highest aviation standards. All crew members meet or exceed the aviation industry's "best practices" qualifications and are involved in on-going training.

For Inquiries about charters, FBOs, maintenance or parts please